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Note to Self:

I will learn to encourage myself through each and every season of my life. For when I encourage myself, Spirit will come to my aid and give me the power to be full of courage and full of might.

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No matter our age or stage in life, we all need to be encouraged every now and then (even if it means encouraging my Self by myself). Why? Because we all need to know we are not alone on the journey of life. And the truth is we never really are alone. But to have this assurance, we must be willing to take time to stop and listen to Spirit. When we do so, our eyes open. Our hearts heal. Our minds clear. And we find strength in our bodies to go on. So right where you are now, take a moment to be still, and to meditate on this song of encouragement.

DISCLAIMER: While music and meditation can help to encourage and strengthen us, they cannot take the place of the professional help we may need from time-to-time. Help is available for whatever you are facing, so don't be afraid to seek it out. For a list of counseling professionals in your area, click HERE.

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