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Note to Self:

I am not an enigma who is wrapped in complexities created by other people's limited views of themselves or me. And to be beautiful, brilliant, and brave is not a paradox. It's exactly who I am and who I want to be.


Educator ▪ Empowerment Writer ▪ Entrepreneur

As the founder of Mindset, Dr. Terri brings to her private practice thirty years of combined experience as both an adjunct faculty member and a college administrator. Throughout her career, she has remained passionate about assisting others in reaching their personal and professional best through post-secondary education and life-long learning adventures (click here to learn more). This passion can also be seen through her role as an empowerment writer. For she not only uses her writing to inspire her readers to live powerful and productive lives; but she uses it to empower them to embrace healing and wholeness socially, emotionally, sexually, intellectually, and spiritually.

When Dr. Terri is not putting her beloved pen to paper, she can be found teaching in the community, facilitating workshops, organizing learning events, and speaking to audiences on-air and in-person. With earned degrees from Spelman College, Old Dominion University, and Nova Southeastern University; Dr. Terri's entrepreneurial endeavors have been designed to provide education planning, writing guidance, and life-mapping coaching services to motivated adolescents and mature adults. Thus, by coupling her academic journey with her experience as an educator and empowerment writer, she aims to support her clients in becoming fearless learners, lovers, and leaders. And certainly, StillSoSexy! represents that fearlessness. 

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